To help your organization tackle important e-business challenges, we are offering you free of charge our expertise to help identify and design a prototype addressing those challenges.

How it works?

Our approach is very straightforward:

  • Fill in the form explaining your challenge.
  • We monitors and analyzes every challenge received.
  • We communicate with you if your challenge is selected.
  • We work together to design a prototype of the solution to your challenge.

Your benefits if you are selected!

We will deliver a prototype of the solution which:

  • Will integrate within your organization ecosystem.
  • Propose a solution addressing the challenge.
  • Consider the perspective of your customers.
  • Is faced with reality very early.
  • A prototype exposing the solution early in the process, having less financial impact down the road.
  • Raises tangible evidence which reduces uncertainty and risks for future decision-making.
  • Is free of charge.

Who Can Participate?

Any organizations hoping to develop and/or improve their e-business.

Why are we offering this?

As a company specializing in e-Business, Groupe CMI puts innovation at the top of its priorities. What better way to innovate than to act on real-life situations and challenges experienced by other organizations. By partnering with your organization, we stay on the edge of innovation while having the organization benefiting from our expertise. It’s a win-win situation!

Expose your challenges